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Paul G. Women and Children First: Bravery, Love and Fate: the Untold Story of the Doomed Titanic.-London.:HarperCollins Children's Books,2012.-480с

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Общая информация:
  • Издательство HarperCollins Children's Books
  • Автор Paul Gill
  • Год издания 2012
  • Переплет Мягкий переплет (обложка)
  • Язык английский
  • ШтрихКод 9781847563255
  • Количество страниц 480



It is 1912. Against all odds, the Titanic is sinking.As desperate hands emerge from the icy water, a few lucky row boats float in the darkness. On the boats are four survivors.Reg, a handsome young steward working in the first-class dining room; Annie, an Irishwoman travelling to America with her children; Juliet, a titled English lady who is pregnant and unmarried, and George, a troubled American millionaire.In the wake of the tragedy, each of these people must try to rebuild their lives.But how can life ever be the same again when you've heard over a thousand people dying in the water around you?Haunting, emotional and beautifully written, Women and Children First breathes fresh life into the most famous disaster of the 20th century. A gripping read from the bestselling author of The Secret Wife.

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