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Ludlum's R. The Bourne Identity.-New York.:Random House,2007.-544с

Ludlum's R. The Bourne Identity.-New York.:Random House,2007.-544с Ludlum's Robert The Bourne Identity
Штрих-код (EAN) 9780553260113
Название книги The Bourne Identity
Переплет Мягкий переплет (обложка)
Год 2007
Кол-во страниц 544
Возраст 18+
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His memory is a blank. He only knows he was fished out of the Mediterranean Sea, his body riddled with bullets. There are a few clues. A frame of microfilm surgically implanted beneath the flesh of his hop. Evidence that plastic surgery has altered his face. Strange things that he says in his delirium -- maybe code words. Initials: J.B.. And a number on the film negative that leads to a Swiss bank account, a fortune four million dollars, and, at last, a name: Jason Bourne. But now he is marked for death, caught in a maddening puzzle, racing for survival through the deep layers of his buried past into a bizarre world of murderous conspirators -- led by Carlos, the worlds most dangerous assassin. And no one can help Jason Bourne but the woman who once wanted to escape him

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